The Deering Estate

Waterfront Garden venue with amazing views

We had the pleasure to be part of this gorgeous garden wedding at the beautiful Deering Estate.  Our Bride Ekaterina knew that she wanted her ceremony to be a beautiful outdoor party for her guests, and in a fun an unforgettable venue.

For the Ceremony we decorated our Wood Arbor with an Asymmetrical Floral and Greens Arbor Floral Design, the bride's personal flowers were very delicate and romantic. 

As far as the Reception, we wanted to retain the rustic farmhouse feel , We used our handmade Farmhouse Tables, Provence X Back Chairs , Oak Wine Barrels and Sweetheart table that brought the ambiance of this gathering to a new level. 

The idea behind the Floral Design, the bride wanted enough room for her guests to be comfortable, so we decided to use our Petite Arrangements, style them 5 to a table in different sizes in light ivory and blush colors in our Mercury Vases to bring in the feel of the garden without too over the top decor, which wouldn't have gone well in this venue.


❤ What we Love

  • The Deering Estate is a historic venue with a beautiful, natural setting and a lot of versatility for the Bride.
  • You will pay a little more than average because it is a historical site
  • If your wedding has a lot of children, they can run around in the lawn.
  • It's Elegant but not over the top

✔ Perfect if you are looking for

  • Venue Options You want waterfront as well as Garden & Historic all mixed into one.
  • Flexibility The Flexibility to choose your own caterers and vendors.
  • Central Location Out of town guests will be in a great location by Biscayne.

✪ Tips & Advice

  • Choosing your own vendors can add to the uniqueness if you want a rustic style.
  • There are Limits on the music outside
  • They have rules like no candles, flower petals, etc






Simple Rustic has helped us to put together our dream wedding. I don’t know what we would do without them!

The furniture was everything we were looking for and the price is super affordable!

Monica arranged gorgeous flower decorations and was very responsive to our taste and preferences. Highly highly recommend!
— Ekaterina from Yelp

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